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  Friends who have used energy-saving kitchen utensils should know that energy-saving kitchen utensils have high efficiency. Of course, one of the advantages of energy-saving kitchen utensils is that they can convert water into hydrogen and oxygen in tens of seconds, and then use the flammability of hydrogen and oxygen to produce great heat quickly. Next, let's look at the advantages of energy-saving kitchen utensils together with Xiaobian.
  安全稳定的特性。节能厨具的底部还可以加设脚轮,这样可以便于挪动,适用于各种场所无需暖机,即可发生气体,熄灭火焰,可长工夫运用,用处相当普遍,大凡以气体作为燃料之任务,大部份可取而代之 。炉头以燃气、燃油等作为燃料,其热效率的上下,关键的要素是燃气与空气的混合比例要充沛应用燃料就必需使它完全熄灭。传统的炉头采用分散熄灭技术、燃气和空气边混合边熄灭、其混合速度慢,火焰温度低、燃气无法完全熄灭,容易发生少量一氧化碳、使人中毒,局部燃料也因而白白糜费。
  Safety and stability characteristics. The bottom of energy-saving kitchen utensils can also be equipped with casters, which can be easily moved. It is suitable for all kinds of places where there is no need to warm up, gas can occur, fire extinguishing can be used for a long time, and its use is quite common. Most of the tasks using gas as fuel can be replaced. Furnace head uses gas and fuel oil as fuel. The key factor of its thermal efficiency is that the mixture ratio of gas and air must be completely extinguished if the fuel is to be used adequately. The traditional stove head uses dispersive extinguishing technology, gas and air mixing side extinguishing, its mixing speed is slow, flame temperature is low, gas can not be completely extinguished, easy to occur a small amount of carbon monoxide, poisoning people, local fuel is also wasted.
  The kitchen equipment manufacturer should possess the following elements:
  1. Qualifications: First of all, the most basic certificates should be there. This is the pass of the threshold, that is, the kitchen equipment manufacturers have complete qualifications, which is also the most basic guarantee for customers.
  But a lot of kitchen equipment manufacturers in this industry do not have the above certificates, when choosing to pay attention to oh! The water in this industry is very deep, do you think they are like kitchen platforms? The qualification of manufacturers is so strict, alas, it is not easy!
  2. Team: See if the manufacturer has a high-level design team, production team, installation team, after-sales team. Each team is composed of corresponding personnel independently, and has perfect cooperation with each other to ensure the smooth operation and operation of the whole kitchen project. This is also very important, the strength of the team of each department is the core of the kitchen equipment factory! Only if the technology is too hard and the product is too hard, is it really professional!
  3. Scale: The scale and production capacity of a company is one of the criteria for judging whether it has a certain scale of production plant, and whether the production process is rigorous and smooth from raw material storage, blanking, welding and assembly, grinding and quality inspection. Each of these steps is very important, as the saying goes: details determine success or failure.
  What's more, we must have high-quality raw material suppliers, advanced imported high-precision equipment, a strict after-sales service system, and, most importantly, qualified design capabilities and strict and precise kitchen engineering solutions.
  4. Process: Reasonable and unblocked process is one of the benchmarks to reflect whether a kitchen equipment manufacturer is professional or not. Professional process is as follows:
  Investigation and understanding of the needs production of kitchen design drawings submission to the health department for approval production of kitchen equipment placement and supporting water, electrograms submission of drawings to customers for confirmation customer design drawings to the design institute, Design Institute will insert drawings into the construction blueprint construction of the construction party according to the blueprint installation and placement of kitchen equipment trial operation of kitchen equipment inspection and acceptance by the health department, check Issuance of Health License Operation
  5. Case: To investigate what well-known cases the kitchen equipment manufacturer has done, we can inspect on the spot to see whether the design layout of these kitchens is in line with our own, and whether it achieves the effect of high efficiency, fast and multiplier with half the effort.
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